Top financial tips to run a successful ecommerce business

Ecommerce has one of the lowest barriers to entry to start operating in the business world. At Monx we take care of big and small companies, and today let’s zoom into the hustlers who want to run a successful ecommerce business now.

But let’s be clear, business is business, and as small as your operations may be, learn how to operate an ecommerce company, and you will be surprised that what is valid for small companies is also true for bigger organisations.

Ecommerce businesses are extremely competitive and unpredictable, and as a result, so are their frequently fluctuating financial conditions. Don’t give up though. 

Top tips to manage a successful ecommerce business 

Best locations to set up a successful ecommerce business

First of all, choose a jurisdiction that allows simple management in terms of tax, accounting and corporate services. Make sure that you seek tax advice before doing that as your physical residence may play a crucial role in your decisions. Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK top the list of the easiest jurisdictions to get started. 

Update your finances

Maintain accurate business finances and engage in bookkeeping. It is simple to assess the financial accounts and determine the liquidity, profitability, and efficiency ratios when you have all the financial information at hand.

Accounting and financial management is not just a compliance obligation, it’s the compass of your business and an x-ray of your company’s health. Big or small, this is a universal truth!

Manage your short-term cash needs carefully

A company frequently needs quick cash to maintain efficient operations. However, there are circumstances in which you might not have enough working capital. If you ever find yourself in such a bind, consider a number of lending partners who offer short-term credits or loans, but only after doing a careful assessment.

Automate your incoming recurring payments

Set re-orders from your clients and offer a discount for it. Having recurrent orders is better than having to constantly generate new clients.

Don’t stress and automate payments when running a successful ecommerce company 

To operate without stress, make sure to automate all of your monthly company payments, including your bills, receipts, expenses, and invoices.

Instagram marketing for a successful ecommerce business

Run advertising initiatives to boost your cash flow. Not to diminish it!

Additionally, you can enhance your revenue flow by utilising different marketing initiatives. To entice customers to shop at your online store, provide special discounts for new sign-ups or cash-back on purchases.

We found that email marketing is relatively inexpensive and works pretty well. If you have a healthy cash flow, you can also consider a significant social media adspend, which tends to work well for DTC businesses like ecommerce.

Increase your company’s average order value

Use the straightforward strategy of offering free shipping with a minimal purchase amount. For instance, offer free shipping at a $100 cart value to clients who purchase products worth $75. The majority of customers won’t think twice to add an additional $15.

Monitor your income

Maintain regular records of your income and outgoing costs to have a comprehensive understanding of your daily profits. After that, you can decide what to do next if you discover any weak seasons or products that are not selling well.

Manage a successful ecommerce business with an accounting system

Financial reporting needs to be done in order for any organisation to effectively manage its cash flow. Consequently, spend money on accounting software that delivers visual presentation reports that is both of good quality, and affordable.

Determine the cost of the goods sold and recalculate it periodically

The costs of manufacturing and delivery are included in the price of the goods sold, and they tend to change over time. It also includes the expenses incurred for the products’ packing, storage, and the salaries you pay your personnel. Your business will have a stronger cash flow if you explicitly calculate and periodically adjust the cost of goods sold.

Determine any additional costs

Many additional costs that you might not often think of as expenses can arise while operating an internet business. However, you must also factor in those costs, like rent for the warehouse, salaries, and, of course, the coffee and snacks. All of the money that leaves and enters the company must be accounted for.

Required sales to reach break-even

The income that your business generates without making a profit is known as break-even sales. However, this revenue covers all of your company’s costs. Therefore, this figure will indicate precisely what sales are required each month to prevent losses throughout the year.

Our conclusion to running a successful ecommerce business

You should always have your business finance calculations close at hand. It becomes simple for you to manage the funds well when you are aware of your company’s finances on an ongoing basis. Additionally, maintaining control of your managed business finances can prevent your company from incurring unforeseen problems.

Speak with one of our ecommerce experts today to strengthen your business’s financial health and accelerate its success. At Monx we offer accounting, tax, company set-up and corporate services for ecommerce businesses big and small. 

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